Sage Flower Double Muslin Blanket


100% Cotton double Muslin Blankets are indeed a wonderful choice for a baby shower gift! Muslin fabric has long been cherished for its softness, breathability, and versatility, making it a favorite among parents for swaddling, wrapping, and covering their little ones.

They are nice and BIG: 140 x 100cm

Muslin is gentle against a baby’s skin, lightweight to prevent overheating, and breathable to allow airflow. These are all important factors that contribute to a baby’s comfort and safety.

Additionally, the stretchy nature of cotton and bamboo muslin makes it easy to wrap around a baby snugly without feeling too tight or restrictive.

The versatility of muslin blankets extends beyond swaddling; they can also serve as covers for prams and carriers, providing shade and protection while still allowing air circulation.

There are many reasons why muslin blankets are considered essential items in any nursery. They make thoughtful and practical gifts for new parents who want the best for their little ones.

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Approximately 140cm x 100 cm


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